Take a wild guess.

POW! WHUD! (4 pages)
A deeply intellectual study of...

Ah, screw it. Fight! Fight! Fiiiiiigght!

The Park (7 pages)
Ahhh, Summer. Sunshine. A sneaky cold beer. Pretty people getting pretty naked. Remembering that life isn't just an endless, barren hole consuming every last pathetic shred of joy in your soul. Good times... good times.

No Time for Pugilistic Chivalry (7 pages)
Romance, shit-rock and broken teeth. Epic stuff.

Just One More... (2 pages)
It's a lie. You KNOW it's a lie. But somehow it makes the apocalyptic debauchery that follows easier to justify.
Shut yer K hole (4 pages)
Reading the Invisibles is cool, but when time actually starts running backwards and you lose your identity in an endless cacophony of impossible 15-dimensional geometry you kinda wish Grant Morrison wrote stories about knitting instead.
Fashion Mullet (4 pages)
You always feel bad about being shallow and judging people - until some uber trendy fashion disaster prick walks past in £600 pre-ripped, ironic jeans and you wish you were shallow enough to not just mock him but also punch his eyeballs out of his stupid, preening face.
The Bouncer (4 pages)
Lusi's second finished strip, a delightfully whimsical tale that asks - are bouncers really douchebags?
Origins (24 pages)
Lusi's earliest - and roughest - strip, a 24 page full-length comic. The art (and the clothes) are pretty ropey in places now but it's still a fun introduction to Lusi's world.

Deadboy Designs - "art", illustration and design by Alan Kerr
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